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  Mission Statement  

Highland Mission Statement The mission of Highland Elementary School is to prepare students to take their places as productive members of a global society.

  About The School  

Highland's Vision 

Highland will be a committed school community that empowers all students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and productive citizens.


Values of the Highland Staff 

Honesty and Integrity

Collaboration and Cooperation

Diversity Valued and Embraced

High Expectations

Mutual Respect

Collective Mindsets


The Highland Elementary School Uniform Policy is designed to enhance our learning environment.  Please adhere to the following guidelines.

A.  Pants and slacks                                                                           

• Dark navy blue, khaki or black in color

• Up to one size larger than waist

• Fitted legs and hemmed

• Length to the top of the shoe, not dragging on the floor

• Worn at waist

• Belted if there are belt loops

• Pants/slacks with contrasting outer stitched pockets and or metal rivets unacceptable

Baggy/sagging clothing is unacceptable

Pant legs may not be rolled up

B. Shorts/Capris

•  Dark navy blue, khaki or black in color

• Up to one size larger than waist

• Hemmed

• Up to 3 inches above or below the knee

• Worn at the waist

• Belted if there are belt loops

C.  Skirts, Skorts, and Jumpers

• Dark navy blue, khaki or black in color

• Up to 3 inches above the knee

• Length to mid-calf only

• Belted if there are belt loops

• Pleated, A-line, straight, gathered, or gored styles, jumper and skirts

Skirts with full length zippers or multi-zippers are unacceptable


D.  Vests and Sweaters

• Dark navy blue, red or white solid in color

• Long or short sleeve sweaters

• Pullover or cardigan sweaters or vest

No patterns or logos

Hooded or zippered vests are unacceptable

E.  Tops

• White, red, navy or light blue solid color collared shirts and blouses

• Button-up or polo-style, turtleneck, mock turtleneck

• All shirts must be tucked in

Sleeveless tops unacceptable

• Clothing worn under shirts: blouses and turtle necks must be solid white in color

• Tops with the school name, logo or insignias are acceptable ( D.A.R.E., School Name, Band, Cheerleading)

No Patterns or logos

• Garments worn under shirts must be solid white

• Sweatshirts and T-shirts with school name, logo or insignias are acceptable

• Plain dark navy, red or white solid in color

• Highland School T-shirts must be tucked in

Hooded or zippered sweatshirts are unacceptable

• Sweatshirts must be worn right side out

F.  Belts

• Solid color belts black, dark brown, dark navy blue, white, or red

• Belts should fit, the end of the belt should be only a couple of inches past the buckle

G.  Shoes, Socks and Shoelaces

• Athletic tennis shoes

• Dark solid color leather type shoes

• Socks are to be solid white, dark navy blue, black, or red

• Girls may wear tights, solid colors of dark navy blue, white, red, or skin tone

• Shoes must cover the entire foot

• Shoes should be such as not to pose a safety issue

No sandals, flip flops, or clogs

• Shoes must be a matching pair

• Shoelaces must be tied

H.  Ties and Blazer

• Optional but if worn must be solid or striped colors of red, white, and/or blue

I.  Jewelry (Optional and discouraged)

• One set of earrings, if worn must be studded for safety in PE class and on the playground

• Minimal and simple in nature, non-excessive and cannot dangle

• Expensive jewelry is not recommended

J.   Additional Items That Are Unacceptable And May NOT Be Worn At School

• NO OVERSIZED clothing

• Inside the building wearing of hats, caps, berets, or bandannas other than on spirit days

• NO Doo rags, sweat bands, or wrist bands

• Chains or plastic springs hooked to wallets, belts, keys, etc. are not allowed

• Stretch pants, stirrups, spandex material, bib type overall pants, jeans (denim material), sweat pants, "Dickie" style pants, biker shorts are not to be worn

• Scarves

• Outer jackets or coats worn in the classroom during class

• Piercing rings on any part of the body except the ears

• Hair coloring that is excessive, extreme or could be disruptive to the learning environment

• Bare midriffs or tank tops

• Short shorts

• Thigh-hi stockings

• No spaghetti straps